About What We do at Voxelus

Launched in 2018, originally as a cryptocurrency news site, [site name] quickly developed to become a hub for cryptocurrency investors, analysts, enthusiasts and like-minded people who are passionate about all things crypto. So eventually from simply just reporting on the latest crypto news and developments in this rapidly growing area, we became a portal for experts to share their insights and opinions. Although we do still keep tabs on all the latest events, of course.

Our team is almost entirely made up of professional analysts and people who have spent most of their lives studying charts, financial markets and trading assets. And we’re happy to be a part of something so huge for global finance.

Who We Are

While every one of our team members is a highly skilled professional in the field of investing and finance, we’re all just a group of very friendly nerds who are taken by the world of crypto. We keep track of the latest developments, such as new coins, forks, platform upgrades, innovations, and so on, and we keep our readers posted about the same.

Many of us also specialize in analysis, so we post those on the regular about everything from major stable coins to newly emerged low cap gems. And every now and then we like to joke about Elon Musk. Read more about our team members on our team page!