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Casino streamers across the globe have become increasingly popular. They don’t just publish fascinating videos on exactly how to break the biggest jackpot on a specific slot game, but they also focus on popularizing the idea of gambling. But even amongst casino streamers, there are losers, and Bill Games collect the largest number of subscribers. Of course, we are more interested in those who walk away with huge winnings.

And amongst them, one of the most popular streamers of today is the Bidule twitch account, a casino streamer who has already become a household name in the world of online gambling. Nowadays, even the biggest online casinos seek to partner with the streamer.

Who is Bidule?

There are very few casino streamers with tens of thousands of subscribers on social media and Bidule is one of them. He’s a French casino streamer based in Malta with one of the most loyal fan bases in the world of gambling.

He streams on various platforms including YouTube and twitch; Bidule fans can always enjoy his incredible content and superb wins. Bidule offers a relaxed and composed look at casino gaming, always maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

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Bidule Top Games

When it comes to online casino gaming, Bidule plays a wide range of games in his frequent streams. Although he largely specializes in slots, Bidule has also got a taste for table games such as blackjack and roulette. There are also several live casino streams where the player battles it out with a human dealer. These include the Mega Ball as well as Crazy Time.

Obviously, Bidule is smart but this doesn’t necessarily mean he does not enjoy casino games that don’t need any skills. For instance, Crazy Time is a regular go-to for the player. Other Bidule games include High Variance slots such as the Dog House.

Where and When Does Bidule Stream?

Bidule streams on YouTube exclusively and you’ll see he has a very rigorous schedule. Unlike other casino streamers who work as a team and have more time to stream, Bidule is a loner and as a result, he packs less than the usual team show.

Bidule regularly streams on YouTube. He has posted a schedule on his profile. He usually publishes 2 videos every week at 6 pm. Bidule usually plays at Tortuga and Fatboss, but we won’t recommend these casinos as the top option for many players. Sure, there are French-based casinos, but it won’t be a great option if you don’t speak French.

One thing you’ll note is that Bidule is limited to French casinos, which are subjected to lots of regulations as compared to other jurisdictions.

If you’ve got some other options, you shouldn’t choose to play at a French casino site. Players from Europe and the UK have a wider and much better option with regards to finding a trustworthy online casino with lucrative promotions. For instance, if you really want to play poker, you can join Mr. Green with better bonuses and is non-Gamstop.

Bidule On Social Media

Adrien likes keeping his personal life private. As a result, you’ll not find much information about Bidule on social media. His last name is unknown, but we know he’s 24 years old, from France, but currently living in Malta.

Bidule On Twitch

Bidule started streaming slots on twitch in 2016. The casino streams are usually in French and so are many of his 171K followers here. Like many other casino streams, Bidule has a YouTube channel.

Bidule On YouTube

You’ll also find that Bidule’s YouTube channel has high-quality recordings of his streams. The number of subscribers is pretty high with 71.8K subscribers. The view count for his videos is on the high side too, possibly averaging more than 300,000 views per video.

Bidule on Instagram

On Instagram, Bidule has several photos of himself. The streamer has more than 45.6K followers on Instagram, but he has been very active on this social media platform with 193 posts to date. Bidule regularly posts on Twitter and it’s almost always about his slot streams. Again, Bidule’s following on Twitter is quite massive, and it’s easy to see why. As of writing this post, Bidule has over 204.9K followers on Twitter.

What is Bidule’s Net Worth?

There are no official records available today that disclose how much Bidule is worth. Nevertheless, we can tell you that one of his biggest wins was a whopping €313,900 in Mega Ball and that’s already pretty big.

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