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Today, there are thousands of streamers. We all like watching streams about video games, traveling, cooking among others. Gambling online isn’t an exception. Furthermore, streams about casino gaming have a very practical goal. They mainly attract new players, who get to learn a lot from such videos.

ClassyBeef is definitely one of the best casino streamers. ClassyBeef is a leading streaming project comprising seven members. The guys make videos where they play real money slots. Having started streaming about 2 years ago, they have increasingly become popular thanks to their exciting content. Currently, ClassyBeef is one of the biggest casino streaming entities. They have 209K followers on twitch.

Who is ClassyBeef?

If you’re looking for the best casino streamer, then ClassyBeef might be exactly what you’re looking for. As mentioned earlier, ClassyBeef is a team of 7 members including Biggo, Jonte, Lamar, Joe, Nando, Georgi, Espen, and Joe. Initially, the project was created by Joe and Espen. The guys met at work and decided to develop a casino-streaming channel. The project became so successful that they decided to hire Nando, Lamar, and Jonte.

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ClassyBeef Games

ClassyBeef is more into slots. They don’t explicitly say it, but at least we see lots of slots games in their casino streams. We all like to watch high variance slots. There’s nothing as refreshing as watching a player risk a large sum of money that could also be lost or bring back some good money.

Therefore, like other streamers, there is a wide range of high variance slots thrown into ClassyBeef gaming. MoneyTrain and Dog House are regulars on ClassyBeef’s choice of games.

Where And When Does Classybeef Stream?

ClassyBeef streams on Twitch exclusively and you will see they have a publishing schedule posted on their page. Being a team of gamblers, they pack in extra hours than the usual one-man show. The team has regular gaming sessions from 10 am to 2 am, from Sunday through Friday.

This means the team streams each day of the week except Saturday. However, if Twitch doesn’t work for you, you can check out ClassyBeefs videos on YouTube.

ClassyBeef plays at different online casinos and they have collaborations with several EU online casinos. Most of the casinos the team plays at tend to be small casinos. Essentially, ClassyBeef likes to play at Lucky Days, PartyCasino, and Stake Casino.

Therefore, if you’re looking to play the casino games you see on ClassyBeef streams, you can perhaps find more reliable casinos. Our recommendation would be Party Casino, which offers 100% plus extra free spins for UK players.

ClassyBeef Social Media

Besides Twitch, you can also find ClassyBeef on other social media platforms. The duo takes this pretty seriously and has over the years worked on improving their social presence. Nevertheless, they keep their personal lives out of social media.

ClassyBeef on Twitch

ClassyBeef has over 209K followers on twitch and the number is always on the rise. Twitch is ClassyBeef main thing and their casino streams usually get thousands of views.

ClassyBeef on YouTube

The ClassyBeef YouTube channel has been around since 2019 and they have more than 24.1K subscribers here. On their YouTube channel, you will find videos of the team’s casino stream highlights. However, they don’t frequently upload videos here.

ClassyBeef on Instagram

ClassyBeef post regularly on Instagram and it’s much about their casino slot streams. Again, their following is pretty huge, and it’s always easy to see what the team is up to.

Largely treating their streaming as a profession, the guys behind ClassyBeef are perfectly good at keeping their personal lives off social media. Once in a while, you might see the guys having fun, but there’s nothing much about their personal life. Currently, their Instagram account has about 74.1K followers.

ClassyBeef on Twitter

ClassyBeef is also active on Twitter. They have 4,757 followers here. The team tweets frequently and you can get a feel about their personality here. ClassyBeef tweets and retweets different types of stuff, from animal videos to snippets and food.

What is ClassyBeef’s Net Worth?

As mentioned earlier, ClassyBeef is a team of 7 casino streamers. As a result, it might be difficult to tell the exact net worth of every member. However, from their biggest win of €1,376,820.00 in Land of Zenith, there is no doubt that the team has made a substantial amount of money gambling online.

The team also makes money from videos sponsored by particular brands as well as ad revenues. YouTube is another good source of income for streamers. They have a YouTube channel with more than 24.1 subscribers where they share videos.

Not to mention the fact that the group also has several affiliate links with casino sites. These are just a few sources from where the group makes its money. As a result, you can rest assured that ClassyBeef net worth isn’t a joke.

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