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More and more casino streamers in the United States are broadcasting their gambling-related gameplay and also making money from it. The existing covid 19 pandemic restrictions have made online gambling sites to flourish. This includes casino streamers and every other person in the iGaming industry. Money has never been enough, it’s that simple! People always try to gain extra money to guarantee a better life.

However, there are various ways to improve yourself and even build a better career. Every individual has his/her route. Some of them are able to manage the task in a much better way, whereas others aren’t able to cope with it. In this article, we’ll discuss one of the most popular casino streamers. Our hero is Daskelelele.

Who is Daskelelele?

Let’s start from the top. What do we already know about Daskelelele? Daskelelele’s real name is Jack. The casino streamer earns income from live broadcasts of the games he players in various online casinos. Daskelelele is crazy about online gambling and perfectly understands this line of work. It’s also important to note that Daskelelele isn’t a solo online casino streamer. Essentially, it’s two people, Phillip and Jack, who currently live in Malta.

He is a popular gambling streamer with accounts on different social platforms. His followers can find him on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. The casino streamers offer an incredible blend of low stakes and high stakes excitement, which means there’s always something for everyone. Although the Daskelelele name was started by Jack, Phillip is definitely a great add-on to the team.

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Daskelelele Top Games

Now, let’s take a closer look at Daskelelele top games. As with the leading casino streamers, Daskelelele largely specializes in slots. And like many other streamers, Megaways Games from Evolution Gaming seems to be Daskelelele frequent go-to. These are high volatility games, which makes for both big wins and big entertainment.

The Megaway slots that Daskelelele plays include Safari Gold, Gonzo’s Quest, and Return of Kong. Other slots that Daskelelele likes playing include Reactoonz, Money Train, and Deadwood. Although spinning reels are the team’s all-time favorites, the live casino Mega ball is also on the Daskelelele games menu. Jack and Phillip regularly venture into the live casino world, and the Mega Ball has delivered incredible wins for the guys.

Where and When Does Daskelelele Stream?

The Daskelelele twitch is typically always live. The two are a high-energy combo and despite the 6-hour time difference between Europe and Canada, you can always tune in to enjoy the streams. Also, you can find the recordings of most of the Daskelelele streams on YouTube.

They do a great job at uploading the streaming videos. The Daskelelele YouTube channel is divided into different playlists including Bonus Hunt Result, Biggest Win of the Month, and Gambling Sessions.

Moreover, followers can also subscribe to their Instagram account or even read about their new schedule of upcoming streams on Twitter. Daskelelele plays at very few online casinos. It isn’t surprising anyways.

Because the couple treats the casino streams as a business, they often strike deals with casino sites to feature them in their live streams. One reliable Daskelelele casinos we’d recommend is Mr. Green and Caxino. Both have a superb welcome bonus and solid games to help get started.

Daskelelele On Social Media

Both Jack and Phillip have become pretty influential in the casino sites scene in Europe, particularly in Malta. Also, you will find that Daskelelele does not always disappoint and is pretty active on almost all key channels on various social media platforms to keep their fans well up to date.

Daskelelele On Twitch

Daskelelele has over 58,000 followers on Twitch. They are one of the top channels on this platform. As a team of two, each of them puts in enough hours to provide extensive streams to ensure their fans can easily check-in for some remarkable casino entertainment. Follow Daskelelele on Twitch here.

Daskelelele on YouTube

Daskelelele is quite strong on YouTube with more than 45,100 subscribers. The team shares the same YouTube channel, but they often group the videos into different playlists to ensure their fans can easily choose the kind of stuff they often enjoy.

Daskelelele on Instagram

On Daskelelele’s Instagram, you’ll find many gambling-related pictures. Nevertheless, the team has about 3,000 followers and counting. Here you might also come across a glimpse into the streamer’s private lives.

Daskelelele Twitter

Twitter is without a doubt one of the most popular social media networks and Daskelelele tweets regularly about their wins and casino streams.
They already have over 100 tweets and more than 400 followers.

What is Daskelelele’s Net Worth?

Although like many other high-profile gamblers, Daskelelele’s real net worth is masked in mystery, there are few websites dedicated mainly to making estimates of streamer incomes. In most cases, they are often lower than the real earnings because they hardly represent the existing financial year.

Daskelelele makes a substantial amount from YouTube. We’re only left to imagine how much the streamer makes from affiliate earnings along with the casino’s actual winnings. Basically, Daskelelele’s net worth is estimated to be more than $30 million.

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