Download For Samsung Gear VR

In this section you will find the latest downloads available for Voxelus. As stated in our previous releases we are discontinuing support for the PC/Mac components of Voxelus after we’ve successfuly added all the building capabilities to our VR application. Voxelus goal was always to be an all in one VR solution and our PC/components were implemented at a time when VR devices and controllers were not good enough to create VR worlds.

To get Voxelus cLaunch the Oculus Store app on your phone. Voxelus can be found under the Experiences category or just simply by searching for it on the search bar.

Download For Google Daydream

We are live with Voxelus on Google Daydream!

Click on the link below to dowload Voxelus for Google Daydream. Make sure you have a SmartPhone that is supported by Daydream. Click here to find out.