how casino streamers make money on twitch

Twitch is without a doubt one of the most popular casino-streaming platforms. Both streamers and spectators benefit from its highly advanced infrastructure as well as wide user base. Although Twitch is often linked with video game streaming, there are many types of streams available on Twitch today.

Apart from video game streaming, streams of both online casinos and live dealer casinos are also available. Some podcasters took to the platform to spread their content during the coronavirus lockdown.

Besides the larger user base and impressive infrastructure, Twitch has proven to be very popular with casino streamers because the platform presents them with many ways to monetize their content. Therefore, if you’re wondering how casino streamers make money on Twitch, here is everything you need to know.

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Currently, Twitch is amongst the biggest streaming platforms available today and is definitely the most popular option for both amateur and professional streamers. Twitch is a very dominant force that their competitors haven’t been able to get as many users. Even the few alternative services that have been able to attract some of the big names from Twitch to their platform haven’t been able to unseat the streaming giant from the top.

There are numerous sponsorship opportunities for big casino streamers on Twitch. If your casino streams are very popular, then these chances will open up to you. Nevertheless, if you’re ready to track down some leads on your own, then you can try to approach viable sponsors on your own, you’ll find it easier to link up with potential sponsors.


This is another great option that’s available to users who are part of Twitch’s partnership or affiliate programs. After you’ve gotten into one of the programs, a “subscribe” button is automatically added to the page and your viewers can easily subscribe to your channel.

The subscribers get unlimited access to premium features on that channel. The streamer will split the costs of the subscription with Twitch. The price of the subscriptions usually ranges between $4.99 and $24.99 per month, so they can be a great source of income for casino streamers with more followers.

Donations and Tips

For casino streamers who are not affiliated and aren’t able to benefit from the Bits program, there are different ways they can receive donations from their viewers and subscribers. The simplest way to do this is through third-party platforms such as PayPal or Stripe.

Both the platforms make it easier for people to send money to you. Also, you can share a link with your followers. This link can take them directly to the webpage where they can send some cash. Many casino streamers have found that setting a donations goal is an effective way to encourage viewers to donate. Also, you can use Twitch alerts to encourage more viewers to donate.

Casino Affiliate Income

This is where many casino streamers make the most money. On Twitch, casino streamers usually encourage viewers to register with certain casino sites using special sign-up codes. The viewers will be directed to a separate site where they can see the casinos that the streamer recommends. The casino streamer is awarded a percentage of the money a new player deposits at the casino.


Bits are more like Twitch ‘in game’ currency. However, this is not a cryptocurrency, but instead a virtual currency. Every Twitch Bit is worth about 0.01. They are usually given to casino streamers via the Twitch mechanic.

Followers can utilize these Cheers to offer individual Bits or Hundreds of Bits. Some followers will use these to reward skillful gameplay. Other viewers prefer using them in response to the casino streamers themselves. The viewers also have got the option to attach a congratulation message to the cheer and can even use animated emote.

Slot Streamer Merchandise

If you’ve got a massive online following today, then it’s highly likely you’ve thought of launching your merchandise. It’s very easy to produce your own merchandise. Technically, all you need is the digital design. Once done, you can sell your merchandise using a store such as Spreadshop. The best thing about this marketing approach is that you’ll never be asked to pay for production upfront.

Essentially, this means you’ll never have to worry about some unsold merchandise in your warehouse. You also don’t have to worry about whether you can successfully sell products to your audience. Today, many of the leading casino streamers on Twitch are typically brands themselves. Combining your online handle or Gamertag with the right graphic to create a professional logo will help sell your merchandise.

Bottom Line

At this point, you realize that casino streamers don’t just live to stream live casino action to share their pain and joy with you. Of course, they are very passionate about the casino games they play, but they obviously need to make money to survive.

In simpler terms, casino streamers on Twitch make money through affiliations and advertising. When people subscribe to your Twitch streams, you can make some extra cash by advertising or promoting a certain online casino.

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