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The casino streaming industry seems to be largely dominated by Canadians, but there are American casino streams. SteveWillSendIt is one of them and he has certainly made a name for himself. This gentleman from the United States is one of the most famous streamers on twitch today with more than 628K followers.

He is also a YouTuber.SteveWillSendIt has had a passion for online games since he was a teenager and has been streaming for several years now.

Who is SteveWillSendIt?

Often calling himself a drinker and professional gambler, SteveWillSendIt is one of the most exciting streamers on twitch. From trolling live dealers to crazy pranks and jokes while spinning the reels, SteveWillSendIt casino streams are mind-blowing. Born in Florida, the United States, SteveWillSendIt’s real name is Steve DeLeonardis.

He’s also part of Nelk Boys; a group with a YouTube channel that’s run by Canadian and American pranksters with some very outrageous and funny stunts.

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SteveWillSendIt Games

When it comes to games, SteveWillSendIt is all about slots. Volatile games such as Dog House has most recently been getting lots of airtime on SteveWillSendIt streams. The Sweet Bonanza Slot is also one of SteveWillSendIts favorites, alongside other games such as Gonzo’s Quest, which is a break away from the usual slot grid.

Basically, he enjoys the thrill of high-risk games. SteveWillSendIt games are not just limited to slots. This American gambler is also a big fan of live games such as roulette and blackjack. You’ll find these live tables in his streams too.

Where and When Does Stevewillsendit Stream?

SteveWillSendIt regularly streams on Twitch. However, after we checked, the casino streamer did not have a detailed schedule on his twitch profile. Also, we’ve noted that he has not been streaming very much lately, meaning you might have to check out his YouTube channel to find some of his streams. SteveWillSendIt usually uploads many recordings of his casino streams on YouTube.

However, although many casino streamers upload their casino slot streams on YouTube, this American guy does not have too many recordings of his casino sessions here. His YouTube channel seems like it has not been updated for a while. When it comes to playing casino slots, SteveWillSendIt usually plays at Roobet Casino.

However, for European players who are not under very strict gambling regulations, there are more options. We recommend that you check out Mr. Green and Party Casino for the same kind of games that SteveWillSendIt plays.

SteveWillSendIt on Social Media

As an outgoing person, SteveWillSendIt does not shy away from revealing information about his personal life on various social media platforms. However, although we know his name, place of birth, and what he likes doing, there’s nothing much about his relationship status or family. This doesn’t mean Steve DeLeonardis is not active on social media, as he frequently posts about his interests and casino streams.

SteveWillSendIt Twitch

Twitch is home to all casino streamers, and here Steve DeLeonardis goes by the name SteveWillSendIt. He has more than 600K followers here and it’s largely an English-speaking fan base.

SteveWillSendIt on YouTube

SteveWillSendIt has an extensive selection of high-quality videos, ranging from his latest casino streams to life activities. Also, he has several music videos. On YouTube, SteveWillSendIt has over 792 subscribers.

SteveWillSendIt on Twitter

Going by StevWillDoIt on Twitter, SteveWillSendIt is also active on Twitter and has more than 174K followers. There are many tweets about the streamer’s casino activities here, including Mega Ball streams.

Stevewillsendit On Instagram

SteveWillSendIt is also pretty active on Instagram with more than 790K followers. SteveWillSendIt mostly posts videos of his most recent streams. He’ll also post stuff about his life as a gambler.

Stevewillsendit Net Worth

Very few celebrities like advertising their wealth publicly and casino streams aren’t an exception. However, almost everyone is eager to know how much SteveWillSendIt makes, considering his massive number of followers. Although it’s hard to say, we can do some estimates.

For instance, YouTube usually pays between $1 and $5 per 1000 views. The casino streamers’ videos usually accumulate more than 100K views on YouTube. This will get him a couple of hundred dollars for every video he posts.

Essentially, most of his earnings come from affiliations with online casinos. Although it isn’t exactly clear how much he gets from every referral, we can only conclude it’s quite a substantial amount. Assuming he only gets $50 for every player who signs up at a casino through him. If he can only refer 200,000 followers per year, that’s about $10 million.

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