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Who Is Taourrr1030?

These days, it appears almost impossible to open up the slots section in Twitch without seeing Taourrr1030 on top of the page. Since 2015, the Belgian born player has made great strides in the French casino-streaming scene with over 135,000 Twitch followers. He’s also an important part of the YouTube gaming scene with more than 12.5K YouTube subscribers.

His casino streams are watched by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Today, Taour has earned a spot on our list of the most popular casino streamers. So, who is Taourrr1030? What’s the secret to his success? Are his winnings fake or legit? And of course, how much is Taourrr1030 worth?

In this article, you’ll find all you need to know about this casino streamer and much more! Taourrr1030 whose real name is Noamane Boukhari is a Belgium-born casino streamer currently living in Malta. Unlike other streamers who largely focus on slots, Taourrr1030 also streams table games. He’s also famous for the league of legends and eSports streams.

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Taourrr1030 Games

Like many other casino streamers, Taourrr1030 streams slots. However, he seems to do things a little differently than other streamers by leaning more into table games. There are many streams where he plays live dealer table games such as blackjack against human dealers.

Poker lovers will also be glad to know that he’s one of the few streamers who stream poker tournaments. Keep in mind that although he prefers skill-based games; Taourrr1030 also streams a wide range of slots games including Perfect Gems and Crazy Time.

As mentioned earlier, Taourrr1030 also spends time in eSports and streams it live on Twitch for his followers to see. Regardless of what games you prefer playing, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy watching Taourrr1030 play it live and possibly win.

Where and When Does Taourrr1030 Stream?

Taourrr1030 takes this streaming business seriously. You’ll see that he has a fixed schedule on Twitch. As of today, he has posted a Monday to Wednesday schedule on Twitch. That’s a solid 3 days per week and the streams are usually from 7 pm.

However, on Monday he streams two times, including at midnight. Technically, the 7 pm stream is usually a chatting program, but there are several games involved in the chat. At this time, Taourrr1030 prefers to play live table games such as blackjack. In the second stream of the day, Taourrr1030 streams Bonus Hunt.

Keep in mind that these are European times. Therefore, if you live in the United States of America, this translates to late afternoons or evenings.

The good news is that the streamer also posts his content on YouTube; therefore, if you’re on a tight schedule and can’t really watch Twitch live, then you should check out his streams on YouTube. Moreover, you’ll also find more of Taourrr1030’s League of Legends and Fortnite videos here.

As with other leading casino streamers who are serious about this business, it seems Taourrr1030 has moved from Belgium to Malta, home to online gambling sites.  Basically, Taourrr1030 is pretty open about earning some extra cash as a casino affiliate.

As a result, you’ll find him promoting different casino sites on Twitch. There are licensed and reliable casinos, but for UK players looking to try out online casinos where Taourrr1030 plays, then we would recommend Mr Green and Caxino.

Taourrr1030 On Social Media

Taourrr1030 has become pretty famous as an influencer in Europe’s online casino scene. You will find that Taourrr1030 does not disappoint and is pretty active on all social media channels to keep his fans updated.

Taourrr1030 On Twitch

Taourrr1030 has over 135,000 followers on Twitch. It’s one of the hottest channels you’ll find on this platform. As a lone streamer, he puts in lots of hours to provide extensive streams to ensure his fans enjoy top-notch casino entertainment.

Taourrr1030 on YouTube

Taourrr1030 is quite strong when it comes to YouTube with more than 12.5K subscribers. He does his videos into various playlists so you can pick out the things you really enjoy.

Taourrr1030 On Twitter

Taourrr1030 has one of the most popular social media platforms and Taourrr1030 tweets very often about his casino streams, casino news, and wins. He already has over 40.1K followers. You can follow him here.

What Is Taourrr1030 Net Worth?

Calculating the net worth and income of Taourrr1030 is pretty simple. This is because of the fact that his profit is usually generated from his earnings from Twitch and YouTube. With over 135,000 followers and thousands of views on YouTube, it’s highly likely the streamer gets paid some good money. Moreover, he also supplements his streaming income with endorsements and other business activities.

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